Finishing touches for your tipi
Rattan Furniture

Rattan sofa sets come complete with soft seat cushions and glass topped low level table with two cubes, Add a great chill out area within your Tipi.

Rustic Table and Benches

Our table and bench sets have been lovingly hand made with locally sourced Larch by our craftsman from Kirdford.


Each set is totally unique to conform with the rustic feel. Each item is slightly different in subtle ways from another.


No need for linen on these, maybe just a runner and place settings. This carries the nautral vibe throughout.

Fire Table

Our fire tables incorporate a nautral flame which gives warmth and feeling to your tipi without the smell, smoke or mess. We achieve this by using bioethonal fuel. This is a clean alternative to the usual compressed fuel.


We find it works well as a centre point for your guests to gather around and enjoy a glass of something fizzy.

Starting with soft warm fairy lights casscading from the main poles then wrapped around the bottom section of the wood. This creating the warm, homley and fairytale feel.  These are all LED's so need minium electricity to light multiple Tipis.


Coupled with LED uplighters that you can choose whatever colour you feel to create the right mood for your event.


Pin spot lights also help to hightlight features of the tipi.

Mirror Ball 

What an amazing effect a good old fashioned disco ball creates.


We can add three different coloured lights to bounce off this ball to create this amazing effect (pictured) in the upper section of the tipi.


We must add that this looks amazing from the outside in the dark as well.

Large rustic Medieval style doors made from Larch and finished with black iron work to give a stunning entrance to yout tipi,


Whether it be a central entrance or a side entrance, it is a fantastic feature.


The rustic bar can be used in 5ft or 10ft sections.


Finished in Larch again so that everything is in keeping.


This bar make a fantastic focal point for any event!


An additional option with our tipis. We can use our linking kit to seamlessly join your tipis on to either a service area for your catering or onto a marquee structure for that extra wow factor for your guests.


You could use the tipis for the initial reception drinks, bar and evening entertainment but have the formal part of your day in one of our beautiful marquees.


You may also have your Wedding Breakfast in your tipi and create a nightclub in a marquee for evening entertainment using blackout linings and starlights.